The Professor welcomes everyone back to the music academy where one can make different kinds of music and sounds. This time, her students will be presenting their unique style of sound, ranging from the upbeat electronic sounds to the melodic and elegant beats. We hope you enjoy your stay at the academy.

01 – Intro: Welcome to “Side Story” // The Professor
02 – 甘い花園 ~Light|Dark Petals~ (Side Story ver.) // SoLi
03 – Nice Day As Always // typeMARS
04 – Distance // DJ Counterforce
05 – Inter1: Distant Moon
06 – A Love Poem of Dusk // Neurofinity
07 – Echo // Inizio
08 – breathe, for a moment // sci
09 – 勇気をください[Dreaming of You] // jennkei
10 – Inter2: Dreamin’ Clouds
11 – Hanabira // Renzu
12 – A Peaceful Way To Remix // TheTerboh
13 – Inter3: Final Exam
14 – besan las 花びら // Marking VS The Professor
15 – Ending: Graduation

Original Music: Akira Hiyama (氷山 晶), Studio MAO (久坂 真生), Eri (絵 荊), 遊猫楽団

Release/catalogue number: MKS-006
Release date: 2012/04/08

Special thanks:
All others involved in the English translations
The producers and vocalists involved in the project


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A Kiss For The Petals (その花びらにくちづけを/Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo) is ©2006-2012 Fuguriya (ふぐり屋)